As a busy mom, I never thought twice about what was actually in the skin care products that I was slathering on myself & my children everyday. I had red, dry, itchy, eczema rash covered hands for years and my 3 year old son had eczema patches on his legs, I tried nearly every product available...from prescription steroid creams to expensive off the shelf products, nothing worked. I began to read labels & became aware of all the chemicals we use daily & on our largest organ, our skin. I knew I had to make a change. I did some research and started making my own skin care products with natural ingredients and was amazed. Within 3 days of using my Whipped Body Butter & Lotion Bar, my son's eczema was gone. Within 2 weeks of using my Pure Lotion Bar, my hands looked better & felt better than they had in 5 years, the redness and cracked knuckles were gone. Natural Happiness Skin Care was born, as was my passion for helping others choose healthier products for their family. I am continually inspired by customers stories of healing & would love your feedback. I am proud to support Project Ghana, which helps families in Africa with the Fair Trade, Organic, Unrefined Shea Butter & Coco Butter that I use in my products. I also proudly purchase packaging from a family owned company that matches my donations to help kids with Autism. Natural Happiness Skin Care strives to be environmentally and socially responsible, it feels good to do the right thing.